Crystal Healing

„You are made of stardust! …. we are stardust, billion year old carbon, we are golden…“ – Joni Mitchell

„Everything within and surrounding you at this very moment was born from stardust. Created by ancient cosmic events of unimaginable power and immensity, stardust infuses our entire universe and seeded life here on Planet Earth. And what is stardust made of? Minerals….!

Trust your intuition, trust the power of magic, and keep your heart and spirit always wide open to the gifts that crystals will – magically, mysteriously, and most certainly, bring into your life.“ – Yulia van Doren / Crystals Book

Crystals work with vibration and colour on all levels of the body – the soul, energetic, mental, emotional and physical plane. Crystals manifest their magic in a subtle form, similar to other forms of holistic healing.

Crystal Healing sessions include an introductory conversation, body layout with individually selected crystals, visualization and breathing techniques, as well as guided soul exploration. After 60-90 minutes the session is finished with a final conversation incl. maintenance plan for integration.

„Keep your mind and heart open to limitless possibility, and you will be amazed by what manifests around and within you. „