Mana Movement

The Art of Feminine Movement Ritual

“MANA Movement is focused on returning to the natural feminine paths of movement- circles, spirals, and waves. By returning to these innate movement patterns, we re-establish the natural, easy flow of energy through the body. You will gain clarity, peace, and a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity.

Using movement as a ritual practice can be done by absolutely anyone. There is no skill required. The only element necessary is a willingness to open to the unseen realm of energy, and to prioritize creating time and space to be fully present with your self, your feeling body, and all of the vibrations flowing through you. Once we learn to tap into the river of energy flowing inside, welcoming it in every form- from the most gentle drips to the 10 foot high crashing waves- then we can learn to harness this power, activate it, and direct it through the body in a way that supports us stepping more fully into our power. We become the masters of our reality, knowing that what is outside is a direct reflection of that is happening on the inside.

What is MANA ?

MANA is a Polynesian word which means “the embodiment of life force energy”. It is the spirit that lives in each of us, the soul which connects all of us, the fire that creates magic, enacts change, and drives us to live in truth and passion. Through every stage of our lives, at every edge, your MANA nurtures and seduces you to move a little deeper, get a little wilder, and continue creating more space. Power runs through you, and MANA is the force that floods it through your being.

MANA teaches you to push deeper into the edges of what you previously thought you were capable of, becoming more deeply connected with your self than ever.

By connecting with your MANA, you will learn to move your body in ways that support pleasure, enjoying the sensual experience of being in your own skin.

You will know how every joint, muscle, and inch of skin feels and moves. You will know how to circle, spiral, wave, and undulate your spines with fluid grace. You will know how to release, let go, and shake off anything that is stuck inside of you. You will know what true embodiment feels like. You will know how to bring yourself to full presence even in the middle of the raging river of life.

By reconnecting with your MANA, you will rebirth yourself into full potential, devoted to always choosing truth and realigning with your purpose.

When your MANA is alive inside, you express yourself freely, liberating your voice, body, mind, and spirit. You will be able to welcome all of the intensity of sensations and vibrations, feeling them fully and allowing them to be expressed into the world.“

Mana Movement is founded and created by Mana Mei – a dancer, temple keeper, healer, feminine wisdom leader and gorgeous woman living on Bali.

Classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions soon to come….